Fluent In English, Korean, Spanish, &
All Things Real Estate

Joan has achieved mastery in the real estate and mortgage loan industry through almost twenty years of extensive experience.  She has a thorough understanding of the real estate process from every angle, literally. Her extensive knowledge and multi-faceted insight propels her to the forefront of today’s real estate market. Her firm grasp of every aspect of the real estate landscape gives her a keen advantage to equip her clients with savvy and clear discernment when making key real estate decisions. Joan is widely known to deliver high level customer service with excellence and a smile, earning a solid reputation distinctly marked with professionalism and integrity.

She laid the foundations of her business in the financial arena of real estate so that she can help her clients obtain a perfect real estate opportunity with the best financing to acquire it.  This delicate task demands integrity and complex savvy, a dynamic combination that is not so easy to find in today’s industry. Joan has continually demonstrated that she possesses both virtues.  She understands and appreciates that each client is unique and deserves the ability to think unconventionally.  It is her passion to combine these virtues with her cutting edge skills for the maximum benefit, and exceeding satisfaction of her clients.


Joan likes to say she is “quadrilingual,” being fluent in English, Korean, Spanish, and all things real estate.  She has had the privilege of learning and mastering the diverse landscape of California real estate.



Her real estate career began in the late 90’s.  Her first job was at a mortgage company as an Assistant Underwriter. She later became an Underwriter herself for Countrywide Homes Loans. This experience would later prove crucial for her business as the knowledge she gleaned as an underwriter served her discernment in providing the best financing options to her clients.  Later in her career, as she built her management and operations skills, she played a key role in establishing and supervising several real estate and mortgage brokerage offices, until she finally established her own.  Through the years, she has greatly contributed to the growing success of many loan processors, officers, real estate agents and brokers, training and developing them with mortgage and real estate knowledge to serve their clients well.  Now, having owned her own company for over five years, in addition to her background of over a decade in Underwriting, Financing, and Brokerage Operations Management, Joan is your choice realtor.  She is happy to walk you through every step of the real estate purchase, sales and mortgage loan process.


Your Real Estate Hero To The Rescue

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